Our History


Who are we?


Barreto was born from the experience of more than 20 years in the world of gastronomy. We are a team that works daily to design experiences for our clients, sharing the best of the Argentine Flavor.

In Barreto, Argentine Flavor

meat is the protagonist

At Barreto we want our clients to live a high quality gastronomic experience, dishes that represent the Argentinean identity, but with a touch of originality and innovation in each cut of meat, in each garnish, in each dish and in each glass, without forgetting those who like to enjoy a good plate of homemade pasta or a complete proposal of fresh and grilled vegetables.



Why Barreto?


Barreto was a member of the Sociedad Rural Argentina that every year during his visit to the cattle exposition, one of his habits was to visit the Central Restaurant inside the fairgrounds
Every year when this time came, he would go early to place his order: a 1KG cut of loin steak. The cook already knew Barreto’s phrase “at 13:00 I’m ready for lunch“, and so everything was ready to receive him as every year.
At 1:00 p.m. he was punctually seated at his table and the waiter who served him already knew that he had to ask the cook El Barreto since the owner of the highly prized cut had arrived.
From this legend is born this cut that today bears the name of “Barreto” with the 13 as a badge of punctuality, good manners and the pleasure of enjoying a great Argentine cut.



Specialists in meats


Barreto is a restaurant and grill specialized in Argentinean meats. We are located in the heart of the Sociedad Rural Argentina and from there we connect the countryside and the city in a space where we offer tradition and innovation in each dish

In Barreto we pay homage to tradition with Argentinean meats with grilled, stone and clay oven options.


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